The Journal of Dungeoneering for Hip and Attractive Professionals releases the following call for papers and art to fill its second issue.  

The past year required TTRPG technology, culture, and practice to evolve rapidly. We want to hear about the latest innovations in the hobby. We want to see the most creative new cosplay, new cartography, new visual art, and everything inspired by the cloistering, fear, frustration, and longing from this past year. We want to read the stories and adventures you wove for yourself and your friends. Last year cost us dearly and sundered many of our careers, but we’re still hip and we’re still professionals. That wasn’t even our final form. 

Please send us your dorky stuff so we can whip up this zine (again). We are looking for:

  • articles about tabletop role playing games and the arts and culture around them
  • reviews of games and books
  • photos of fantasy cosplay
  • pictures of badass dragons
  • content and strategy for Pathfinder, D&D, and similar systems
  • discussion of popular TTRPG podcasts and let’s plays
  • non-fiction about your RPG experiences
  • fantasy and sci-fi art
  • interviews with TTRPG industry professionals
  • self promotion about your TTRPG stuff, your art, or your podcast
  • nerd fashion tips and profiles

The Journal of Dungeoneering for Hip and Attractive Professionals will be an online zine available as both a blog and as a web-friendly pdf. We seek to occupy the Teen Vogue The American Journal of Psychology niche of the TTRPG community, except more mature and with better jobs. We value sensible yet chic dice bags, natural and enhanced 20s, and TPKs that make a statement. 

Proposals are appreciated. All submissions will be notified upon acceptance or rejection. No feedback will be provided upon rejection.


  • Submit prose in .rtf, .docx, or .doc. 
  • Submit art via Google Drive link.
  • If you have questions about the appropriate length of a piece of writing, submit a proposal.

Inclusivity Statement:

This zine is not the place to submit screeds against woke culture in gaming. As adults who agree to play pretend based on a set of predetermined rules, we have evolved beyond the need to pass judgement upon marginalized identities. Inclusivity is in. Misogyny is passé.

Submissions may be sent to Token compensation will be paid for accepted pieces.

Are you ready?