Advice from Felix the Flumph

Introducing: Me, Felix!

Oh my gosh, hi!

I’m Felix, the flumph.

I traveled here from a distant galaxy with dire warnings about the elder gods, but no one liked hearing about that, so now I give advice for how to make your gaming table more fun and inclusive!

Okay, a little bit about me. I have been a gamer ever since I was larvae in the pressurized core of a gas giant. My brood and I were raised on AD&D, Heroquest, and V:tM (the “new WoD” edition, not Mind’s Eye lol). Even though my warnings about evils that should not be go unheeded, people tend to trust my instincts about TTRPGs.

So this column will be a home for my thoughts, feelings, and experience with TTRPG. I’m so happy to be here!

Really, though, let me know if you know anyone who can do something about the elder gods. It’s, like, gonna be an issue.

You can send letters to Felix the Flumph at

Use “Dear Felix” in the subject line. Ask anything you like, but this column will focus on resolving awkward situations around the gaming table.

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