A Letter from the Editors Upon the Publication of Our Third Issue

This one is a big one, folks.

We were well on our way to having a regular issue. Not “regular” in a bad way, just nothing groundbreaking. Content with the great quality you’ve come to expect from our magazine. Gorgeous art. Editorial snark. Tongue-in-cheek reviews of upcoming TTRPG releases. We have also welcomed Brent Bowser as co-editor.

And then the employees of Paizo, Inc., raised their voices as one in a show of solidarity and union – like, a literal union. Of course we had to show our support for their incredible work, and so we set out to learn all we could about the unionization efforts, what went down behind the scenes, and what the next steps will be. (Read our statement of support of the unionization efforts at JoD4HAP.com.)

As Jason Tondro told us during our conversation, there has been talk of unionizing in roleplaying games in general for many, many years.

“But it’s been very hard to do,” he said. “Unionization is quite a bureaucratic challenge.”

It’s a challenge – but the workers and freelancers at Paizo have taken their stance and started down that path. We are here to uplift them and amplify their words.

In this issue you’ll find art, editorials, reviews, and interviews. But you’ll also find the beginning of a story that’s still ongoing, one that started, as these stories do, with whispers that grew into a cacophony. Thanks for sticking with us and thanks for supporting these fine folks.

And, as always, stay fashionable.

Elizabeth Parsons
Alex G. Friedman
Brent Bowser

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