The Journal of Dungeoneering for Hip and Attractive Professionals releases the following call for papers and art to fill its fourth issue. 

For this issue, we have several words for you: early science fantasy space goth.

That was a mouthful of a phrase. Let’s unpack it. We want science fantasy, we want Magic Missile asteroids, we want technology meets grimdark meets fantasy. Where does technology intersect with magic? Where does science meet nature? Think of the pulpiest paperback genre fiction you know – and put it in space. 

We don’t want Star Wars and we don’t want Lovecraft. You know us better than that by now.

Give us alternate history James Webb Space Telescope. Give us what’s on the other side of the asteroid belt… but make it TTRPG. Somewhere between Dark Crystal and Farscape. We’re looking forward to what you cook up.

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