Issue 2: Table of Contents

Well folks, it’s almost here.

On Monday, September 13, 2021, we will release our second issue. It’s a beautiful volume full of fiction, homebrew, opinion pieces, and more. As a sneak preview, here is our table of contents:

Letter from the Editors
Alex G. Friedman and Elizabeth Parsons

Advice from Felix, Your Favorite Fashionable Flumph

Featured Interviews
 An Interview with Quinn Murphy
 An Interview with Logan Bonner

Feature Fiction
Cooking With the Cosmos
Alyssa Amsbaugh

Unusual Companions
James Abendroth

Starfinder: Soldier Fighting Styles
Sasha Laranoa Harving

Heel Turn Based RPGs: Plotting Your Campaign Like Professional Wrestling
Brent Bowser
The Problems With the Alignment Chart and Why Your Aunt Marjory Knows What It Is
James Abendroth

Major Image: Using Virtual Tabletops in Hybrid and In-Person Games
Mark Orr

Review of The Anatomy of Adventure by M. T. Black
Alex G. Friedman

Review of Low Stakes by Craig Campbell (Art by Ashley McCammon): RPG lite for the creatures of the nite
Alex G. Friedman

Impressions of New and Notable Releases
Alex G. Friedman, ed.

It’s beautiful. We can’t wait to share it with you.

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